After Kiran, Vishwak Sen has a problem with negativity

Recently, in an interview, Kiran Abbavaram suggested that there are Netizens who target him every time his movie is up for a theatrical release. Post the release of ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha’, the ‘Meter’ star even went to the extent of implying that his films have been targeted by some folks.

“Someone from Pune with a second name called Singh tweeted against my movie even before the Day One morning show was completed. Who is this guy from Pune who watched my movie on Day One? I really want to know,” he remarked with a touch of anger.

Looks like Vishwak Sen is another young actor who doesn’t want to entertain random trolls. The ‘Falaknuma Das’ actor stated that he doesn’t use Twitter and that it is operated by his manager. As per him, digital detox by avoiding Twitter helps him protect himself from negativity. He has also stopped reading comments by Twitter users, where organized trolling is said to be rampant. He doesn’t give a damn about “haters”.

Vishwak Sen’s ‘Das Ka Dhamki’ will hit the cinemas on March 22. Its pre-release event will be held on March 17 in the presence of Jr NTR.