‘Bichagadu 2’ song: Vijay Antony invents ‘Bikili’ as a vigilante

From the beginning, the makers of ‘Bichagadu 2’ have been using the word ‘Anti Bikili’. What does it mean? The answer is out here. It is about taking up the cudgels against exploiters. The song ‘Bikili’, composed and rendered by Vijay Antony himself, gives us a glimpse into the semantics of the newly-coined term.

The lyrical video begins with a speech by Vijay Antony, who plays the title role. Bikili refers to the individual who exploits the poor and the working class for his own benefit. After giving the intro, our hero cycles himself straight into the neighbourhood ‘basthi’ and dances with slum-dwellers. Bhagyashree has penned the Telugu lyrics.

The film hits the cinemas on April 14.

Starring Kavya Thapar, Dev Gill, Harish Peradi (recently seen in ‘SIR’), John Vijay, Radha Ravi, Mansoor Ali Khan, YG Mahendran, and Raja Krishnamoorthy have got other roles, the film has music and BGM by Vijay Antony himself. The cinematography is by Vijay Milton and Om Prakash.