Interview of Keerthy Suresh about Dasara Movie

Keerthy Suresh awaits the release of ‘Dasara’ in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada. The Nani-starrer will be released in theatres on March 30. In this interview, the ‘Mahanati’ actress said that debutant director Srikanth Odela will go a long way. As for Natural Star Nani, she said that he is quite important in her career. “As Dharani, you will see him wielding the sword. I have done ‘Nenu Local’ with him before. But it is ‘Dasara’ which is more local,” Keerthy said.

Playing a challenging role in ‘Dasara’ was not easy, as the make-up part alone would take several hours. Filming in a rustic setting amidst dust and coal made it even more demanding. Initially, it was tough to get into character and speak in the Telangana dialect, but with time, I adapted to it.

Vennela, my character, will surely have a universal connection. Some films have an emotional impact that stays with us long after they are over. I experienced this feeling with ‘Mahanati’ before, and now with ‘Dasara’, I had the same emotional connection. The film continues to evoke strong emotions in me.

Srinath, an associate of director Srikanth Odela, helped me learn the Telangana dialect for my role. He was well-versed in the accent, and I also received guidance from a professor. Several small details were added to my character, making it more authentic. I dubbed my own lines for Dasara, which usually takes me two or three days. However, due to the complexity of the dialogues and nuances of the character, it took me five or six days to complete the dubbing.

Director Srikanth Odela’s storytelling abilities are exceptional, and he has written this story brilliantly. He has a clear understanding of the characters and their arcs, and how to integrate them into the narrative. It was easy to grasp the tone and the intent. We discussed how I could bring my own interpretation while still fulfilling the director’s vision. The director worked really hard to take ‘Dasara’ to the next level. We must thank producer Sudhakar Cherukuri for trusting a new talent like him. ‘Dasara’ can’t fit into a specific genre. It is a complete package.

The director requested that I lose 12 kilos for my role in the film. However, due to my commitment to other projects, I explained to him that I could only afford to lose three kilos. He later felt that I looked authentic even without losing the requested weight.

The first time I heard the song ‘Chamkeela Angeelesi’, I knew it had the potential to become a wedding staple. The song’s vibe was infectious. Its success has exceeded our expectations and turned out to be an even bigger success than we had anticipated.

I must thank cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan, who makes it easy for artists however difficult it might be. He has simply nailed it. Music director Santhosh Narayanan is debuting in Telugu. His ‘Dhoom Dhaam’ is a ‘kirrak’ song. Editor Naveen Nooli has made the cuts related to my character look excellent in the teaser and trailer. With production designer Avinash Kolla, I have previously done ‘Mahanati’. ‘Dasara’ is my most important project with him since then. I thank my costume designer on this occasion. The audience will love Shine Tom Chacko, the Mollywood actor who is debuting in Telugu.

I have heard some stories from Bollywood filmmakers, but the characters did not seem strong enough for me. With ‘Dasara’ releasing pan India, it will be interesting to see if I will receive more substantial characters in the future. I enjoy working in Bollywood, but the most critical factor is the quality of the characters and the stories.