Is Manchu family ‘fooling’ the public? Is it a joke or a serious thing?

Earlier this week, Manchu Manoj put out a controversial video clip on social media. In the video, Manchu Vishnu was seen angrily barging into the home of an alleged former aide of his. TV reports even identified the person as Sarathi. Manoj could be heard saying in the video that Vishnu always beats up relatives.

Did Manoj just fool the public? This is the question many are asking now.

On Thursday evening, Vishnu put out a Teaser named ‘House of Manchus’, which is described as a reality show. The video shows Mohan Babu and others from the Manchu family in real-life settings. It also shows the controversial video recently shared by Manoj.

Some are assuming that Manoj’s video was meant to serve as a publicity stunt for this reality show. “There is no actual fight between the two brothers. They are very much united,” some people are arguing.

Others are striking a different note. “There is a real fight between the two brothers. The reality show is nothing but a damage-control exercise,” is what this side is contending.