‘Narayana & Co’ First Look: It is about a ‘thikkal’ family

Narayana & Co’ is the title of an upcoming family comedy-drama whose first look was unveiled on Friday. Sudhakar Komakula, seen in films like ‘Life Is Beautiful’, ‘Nuvvu Thopu Raa’ and ‘Kundanapu Bomma’, is its male lead. He will be seen as the son of the Aamani-Devi Prasad duo in it.

Writer-director Chinna Papisetty has not divulged any information about the plot. However, the latest poster suggests that the characters are innocuous and madcap.

Bankrolled by Papisetty Film Productions and Sukha Media, the film is backed by Sudhakar himself. Written by Raviteja G and Rajiv K, this one will hit the cinemas in April or May.

Talking about his role in the movie, Komakula last year stated that he is a middle-class person in a crime comedy zone.

Last year, Sudhakar was seen in ‘Raja Vikramarka’. In another movie later this year, he will be seen as an aspiring army officer. “I am a frustrated youngster in it. The story unfolds in a span of a night. I am also doing a found-footage movie along the lines of Hollywood thrillers. It is a night movie,” the actor recently said.