Netizens troll ‘Game Changer’ – find out why!

Ever since the title of Ram Charan’s 15th movie was made official on Monday, many Netizens are trolling it. ‘Game Changer’ was unexpected till Sunday night. The critics feel that ‘CEO’, standing for Chief Electoral Officer, would have been apt.

A Netizen quipped that ‘Game Changer’ sounds like the title of a TV show anchored by Omkar ‘annayya’. Yet others are arguing that it sounds like a caption more than a title.

The title lacks a massy appeal, although the term ‘game changer’ is used quite often in popular contexts. In the pre-social media era, terms like ‘game-changing technology’ were used only in newspapers.

Nowadays, even speeches by filmmakers sometimes feature the word. So, one hopes the title doesn’t alienate the larger audience.

Shankar’s titles have been mocked in the past as well. ‘Jeans’ took time to sink in. ‘Boys’ was said to alienate the family audience given its funky sounding. If you think about it, ‘2.0’ was not a great title either. The success of those films made those titles vastly popular and acceptable.

When Rajamouli finalized ‘RRR’ as the title of his films, many Netizens literally thought he was out of his mind. And now, many around the world use the title with practiced ease.