Pawan Kalyan’s remuneration: What might be happening in Tollywood?

Following Pawan Kalyan’s remarks about his fee, many netizens have begun to analyze the remuneration of superstars in today’s Tollywood. Some have even gone so far as to extrapolate his fee to estimate what he might have earned for films that required far more working days. For instance, one netizen asked, “If Pawan made, say, Rs 80 crore on a film like ‘Bheemla Nayak’, what would that mean for other stakeholders, particularly the producer?”

The potential earnings of Tollywood’s top stars have become a topic of speculation following Pawan Kalyan’s claims about his fee. Some netizens have been speculating that Prabhas may be earning even more than Kalyan, saying “It is safe to assume that Prabhas’ remuneration is much higher.” Additionally, a Facebook user suggested that Mahesh Babu’s remuneration for his upcoming international film directed by SS Rajamouli could be equal to what he typically earns for three films.