‘Police Station Private Limited’ to be made as an action thriller

‘Police Station Private Limited’ is the title of an upcoming movie helmed by Golla Patti Nageshwara Rao. Bankrolled by Vishweshwar Sharma and Rajaray, the project was launched today with Rakshit Atluri as the hero.

Admittedly coming with a unique storyline, the cop drama’s regular shoot will commence sometime in the first week of April.

The makers are planning to make the concept-driven film enjoy the maximum range.

Mantra Entertainments is confident that the script has come out really well.

Usually, the police department is seen as a public good. Since the commercial-sounding ‘private limited’ has been used, one wonders if the film is about rearing private armies to protect citizens. The hero, Rakshit, has previously acted in ‘London Babulu’ and ‘Palasa 1978’.