Rana Daggubati angry with anti-‘Rana Naidu’ narrative

Rana Daggubati seems to be upset with a barrage of anti-‘Rana Naidu’ posts across social media. There has been this narrative that the Netflix original, whose ten episodes started streaming the other day, has betrayed the family audience by casting Venkatesh in a semi-adult show filled with sexual content and cuss words. A section of the media has been playing along.

As per Rana, cribbing about the adult content in ‘Rana Naidu’ is pointless when, all along, the makers have been saying that it must be watched alone and not with family. In just the first two episodes, there are references/visuals alluding to BJ and rough sex.

“People getting offended at ‘Rana Naidu’ need to take a chill pill. Not every film/show is meant to be a Sankranthi outing with the entire family. There is a sizeable mature audience who views shows/films with the right expectations,” a tweet re-tweeted by Rana reads.

Rana is happy that the show is trending at No. 1 on Netflix despite the so-called backlash from the audience. “Thank you for so much love. My sincere apologies to the ones who hate,” the ‘Baahubali’ actor tweeted today, thanking those who have watched the show and made it a hit.