‘Rana Naidu’: Is it the end or the beginning?

‘Rana Naidu’ may have been trending at the top on Netflix, but it remains indisputable that it is one of the most trolled shows featuring two Telugu stars in lead roles. And one of the two actors has been an A-lister loved by the family audience for decades.

Rana Daggubati and Venkatesh can be said to have taken an unconventional turn in collaborating with a global streaming giant not to bring out a safe show but a series filled with sexual remarks and cuss words. Is it the start of something new in the world of Telugu cinema and Telugu streaming?

The answer would depend on the receptivity of the OTT viewership in the Telugu States and the Telugu populace living in other countries. If OTT platforms believe the audience are not ready for such content, it is game over already.

What are OTT platforms up to, in all likelihood? ZEE5 Telugu and Aha Video are least likely to show interest in roping A-listers for a show featuring ‘Rana Naidu’-type bold content.

This leaves us with Amazon Prime and Hotstar (Netflix can be ruled out for the next couple of years at least, as the platform might find it formulaic to do another bold show). If these two OTT platforms fail to onboard a crowd-pulling Telugu star hero, ‘Rana Naidu’ might end up as an exception rather than a trendsetter.