Shaakuntalam’: Makers introduce Samantha’s friends and other characters

‘Shaakuntalam’, starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu as the protagonist, will hit the cinemas on April 14. The final product is nearing completion. Directed by Gunasekhar, the film is presented by Dil Raju.

The makers have introduced a few key characters from the movie. Prakash Raj will be seen as Sarangi, who helps the titular character on her “most important voyage is this humble boatman. He croons as he rows with his crew. Describing the journey of life as he navigates through the waters.”

Madhubala will be seen as Apsarasa Menaka. “Among the most mesmerizing celestial apsaras in the court of Indra, her enchanting dance and beauty captivate even Sage Vishwamitra. She is the biological mother to beautiful damsel Shakuntala,” the makers added.

Mohan Babu will be seen as Sage Durvasa.

Aditi Balan as Priyamvada and Ananya Nagalla as Anasuya will be seen as the beautiful and spirited best friends of the lead character. “One is bold and a chatterbox, while the other is innocent and inquisitive. Both fiercely loyal to their beloved Shakuntala and pivotal in this tale of love,” the makers added.