Sid Srirams’s melody ‘Sogasuke Soku’ from ‘RISK’ unveiled

It is known that ‘Risk’ has been made as a sequel to ‘Six Teens’ (released in the early 2000s). Composer Ghantadi Krishna is producing and directing it. Plans are afoot to release it in theatres in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada.

The news is that a song titled ‘Sogasuke Sogasu’ from the movie is out. Made sublime by Sid Sriram’s voice, it was released today at an event in Hyderabad.

The entertainer is headlined by Sandeep Ashwa, who thanked the director-producer for his crucial support during the making.

Producer Yalamanchili Ravisankar of Mythri Movie Makers unveiled a motion poster on the occasion. He also made a reference to the chartbuster ‘Devudu Varamandiste’ from ‘Six Teens’ on the occasion. The Hindi version of the song, titled ‘Itni Khubsurat’ was also released on the occasion.

The film co-stars Sania Thakur, Zoya Jhaveri, Tarun Sagar, Arjun Thakur, Vishvesh, Anish Kuruvilla, Rajeev Kanakala, Kadambari Kiran, Duvvasi Mohan, and others.

Produced on GK Miracles, the film’s cinematography is by Jagadish Komari. Edited by Siva Sharvani, its action choreography is by Shankar Master. Rahul and Anand Kasturi have done production design. Raghu Ajay Sai, Venkat Deep, Ajju, and Meher have taken care of the dance choreography.