Viral video boosts gossip about Manchu Vishnu’s fight with Manchu Manoj

It is no longer a secret that Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj have had strained relations. The Manchu family surely lacks ‘Balagam’ and the truth is now out in the open.

On Friday, Manoj put out a video clip in which Vishnu can be seen losing his cool. He is restrained by two men while he apparently tries to proceed toward an unseen person in a fit of rage.

As per TV9, the person at whom Vishnu was throwing a fit of anger is one Sarathi, who is his former aide. Sarathi is believed to be a distant relative of Mohan Babu. For years, he was on Vishnu’s team but later drifted away and cozied up to Manoj.

As per unconfirmed reports, Sarathi had an argument with Vishnu on Thursday afternoon at Manoj’s office in Hyderabad. After 10 pm the same day, Vishnu went to Sarathi’s house and shouted at him. As soon as they got to know about it, Lakshmi Manchu and Manoj rushed to the place. The latter recorded his brother’s antics.

In the video clip put out on social media, Manoj’s refrain is that Vishnu has always been like this. “This is how he behaves with our relatives. He beats them up,” is the summary of his words, although he didn’t say those precise words.